Residential Micro-topping Smooth Concrete Floors

Micro-topping is a unique decorative concrete finish with some great benefits. Micro-topping is a modern approach to finishing any surface as it creates a simple yet sleek look that unique to the home it’s installed in. Consider micro-topping if you want something highly custom without having to add an entire floor.

Installation Steps

Micro-topping is applied directly over an existing surface, without the need for demolition. The most critical step in installing a micro-top layer is the preparation of the substrate. Initially, the concrete surface is diamond ground to remove any preexisting coating. Any cracks are filled and repaired using the appropriate epoxy. Next, a dustless vacuum is utilized to collect all the debris off the surface. Once the floors are dust-free, the primer is applied. Then the first layer of micro-topping is applied, followed by sanding, then a second thin layer is applied, followed by sanding and cleaning for a second time. Then the final coat, which is usually a sealer type, is used to protect the floors. All of which are very thin layers that add up to no higher than 3 milliliters. 


Once applied, micro-topping must be left to cure for a minimum of a week to ensure the pores are closed. Another essential care factor is not to drag furniture across the fresh layer as this will break the seal and leave marks on the floor. Consider staying with someone else or finding a hotel for a few days.


Micro-topped floors clean easily by mopping them using water and PH Neutral detergent. Do not use any acidic cleaners at all while maintaining micro-topped floors or you’ll risk quickly wearing off the surface. Micro-topping materials are also resistant to ultraviolet light and are generally quite durable. Micro-topping is also an ideal surface for outdoor walkways and even handles ice dissolving salts well. It is also frequently used on garage floors as well as walls as a finishing look. 

Unique Styling

Micro-topping is fully customizable. You can mix colors and shades, create your desired sheen from glossy to matte to acid stained. From color to pattern and texture to the skilled professional’s hand-trowel, no two floors will ever look the same. The look is seamless, as it creates a base with continuity rather than a joint break.


Micro-topping is not limited to floors only; it is frequently installed in showers as it provides protection against water penetration and is mold resistant. It is also well suited and stylish if used on countertops, accent walls, fireplaces, fire-pits, benches, and tabletops.

Style Change

Micro-topping is a unique flooring surface in that, like wood, you can change the style and color by just the surface and reapplying new micro-topping. Get tired of a particular look in a room? Sand it and choose a new type. This also bodes well for renewing your micro-topping should it experience any wear at all or if you want to change the floor surface. Micro-topping is a perfect solution to bare concrete floors that need to be revitalized.

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