Modern Wallpaper

From design options to durability and longevity, wallpaper stood the test of time. Installing wallpaper offers an excellent way to take advantage of the latest trends. You create a new, attractive design that appeals to you and your guests. Aside from style, design, and color, we will discuss four different wallpaper types.

Paper Wallpaper

Older homes often use paper wallpaper, the most popular and oldest type. This type made entirely of paper proves to be the least durable of the different kinds. This wallpaper damages easily, shows wear, discolors, and makes cleaning difficult.
If you select this type of wallpaper, consider installing it in areas or spaces that see minimal or no traffic and reduced exposure to any direct sunlight. Choosing an appropriate location helps you preserve or maintain your paper wallpaper for as long as possible.

Vinyl Coated Wallpaper

A bit newer than generic paper wallpaper, vinyl-coated wallpaper features a base made of paper and a top layer coated with either polyvinyl chloride or acrylic vinyl. Since the designs for vinyl-coated wallpapers appear on the paper itself, the vinyl coating acts as a protective layer. This vinyl layer adds durability, making the wallpaper easy to clean and resistant to design and color fade from any sunlight exposure.

Coated Fabric Wallpaper

Another type of wallpaper, coated fabric wallpaper, lives up to its name. Fabric makes up the base coat with a vinyl or acrylic topcoat. Here, the designs appear on the coating itself instead of the actual fabric. This type of wallpaper works best in areas with little moisture. This designer paper features a textured appearance and works best on bedroom walls or places to entertain guests.


Actual Vinyl Wallpaper

Actual vinyl wallpaper has a fabric base with a top layer made of solid vinyl material. The extreme durability of this wallpaper type makes it easy to clean and maintain. The incredibly durable Actual Vinyl Wallpaper stands up to high traffic areas, such as children’s rooms, hallways, and living rooms.

All Wallpaper

From metallic to textured to linen or geometrical, wallpaper is a very trendy finishing material to consider for your home. To avoid fully committing to the idea of having wallpaper, try a small accent wall in a low-traffic area of your house. Then, you decide if you think wallpaper functions well for you and your house. Stylish patterns and textures give the walls in your home depth and make them stand out in unique and custom ways.

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