Modern Flush Panel Garage Doors

Garage doors are not just functional features that provide privacy and security to a garage. They occupy an ample visual space of the structure’s exterior and have a profound impact when it comes to curb appeal.

For decades we have seen the classic garage doors with long or short panels, with or without windows, displayed on every home in the neighborhood. In recent years, however, a new breed of sleek and strikingly beautiful garage doors have emerged.


Modern Designs

Steel-frames with floor-to-ceiling windows are modern on the outside and bright and warm on the inside. Not only do these full-view garage doors let in light for the entire span of the door, but they also make the space within feel larger.

If privacy is an issue, the glass can be frosted or obscured. Steel garage doors can also come in planks that resemble wood, which offer the class and warmth of natural wood, but the strength and the durability of the steel. One thing to consider is that steel will rust; however, you can have the doors specially coated to resist corrosion.


Differences in Materials

Aluminum garage doors are similar in design to steel garage doors, with a few exceptions. Aluminum garage doors are only partially resistant to dents, are lighter in weight, and cost less. The main advantage of aluminum over steel is that it is corrosion-resistant. Aluminum frame doors come in a multitude of powdered coated colors or metal anodized finishes.
Steel needs to be maintained a bit more, although it is a lot stronger. If you choose this material, expect to coat it with another layer of a rust-resistant material somewhat often. Doing so will ensure its longevity and keep the door looking beautiful.

For the ultra-modern look, consider all glass-paneled garage doors. They are made of tempered glass that is fixed to a concealed aluminum frame for safety and reliability.

Mirrored garage doors have a frameless exterior and come in a few classy finishes such as gray, black, or white. The beauty of these stunning doors is that you can see outside, but people can’t see the inside of your garage. Mirrored garage doors are a definite head-turner when it comes to trendiness. Plus, you can see the space outside with ease.


Energy Saving Benefits

Additionally, these doors are thick. This feature allows them to save you plenty of energy in the garage. If you need to heat this space, this feature will give you some additional isolation.

Steel can also protect your garage. It is an extremely durable and robust material, making it nearly impossible to damage. That means it is more likely to safeguard your garage from a potential break-in.


Plus, since steel helps keep in the heat, you will likely save some money on your heating bills. This makes them a sound, long-term investment for most homes. Having one installed may also make you eligible to receive energy-saving tax credits come tax season following year.

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