Replacement Retrofit Windows

Typical remodeling projects feature retrofit windows where the old window frame or frames remain intact with only the glass removed. The new window frame sits directly on top of the old window frame. This relatively simple process does not damage the exterior or the interior of the house. You have two types of retrofit windows to consider based on what currently exists in your home. Today’s discussion includes both.

Flush Fin Windows

The first option, flush fin windows, usually replace the older aluminum kind. These older aluminum windows come with a large exterior flange that sits on the stucco and covers the old window frame. 

Manufacturers make most replacement windows from vinyl because of its durability and affordability. Vinyl allows for easy customizing into different sizes and shapes. Some of the more contemporary vinyl windows come in many different colors tailored for designer homes, making them incredibly individualized and unique.


Block Frame Windows

Block frame windows offer a second window option. If the home features existing windows with older wood frames and a brick or siding exterior, block frame windows provide a viable consideration. The old window frame remains in place, with the new windows installed inside the old frame. 

If you examine the old exterior wood window frame and deem it in good condition, the frame remains intact. Otherwise, you remove the entire window frame, exposing the exterior and interior framing, and install a new construction window.

When is the best time to use replacement retrofit windows?

Homeowners select replacement retrofit windows as their number one choice for home remodeling because of the ease of installation and variation in style and color. If you want to remodel your home and feel unsure about what to do with your windows, ask a professional to look at them. However, prepare yourself ahead of time by knowing all your options.

Replacing windows can be tedious and strenuous work; however, replacement retrofit windows afford you such a great option! If you are remodeling multiple parts or aspects of your home, utilize what you currently have and save money along the way. We want to make sure that you receive the best service and achieve the best results.

Rather than paying to remove your old windows completely and reinstall new ones, using replacement retrofit windows offer you another option. With replacement retrofit windows, you save time, energy, money, and resources. Exploring this window replacement option with a professional’s help ensures that you know if this option brings about the desired look for you and your house. 

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