Concealed Door Hinges

Open the door to an invisible door; that is what a concealed hinge is capable of doing. These hinges are more common in Europe, which is why they are often referred to as European hinges.
We all know them by the much more entertaining name of invisible hinges. Once the door is closed, the hinges disappear, and the door becomes flush with the wall. The only time the hinges are seen is when the door is open, and even then, they have a very slim profile that is sleek.

Advantages of Concealed Hinges

The beauty of concealed hinges is that the focus remains on the smooth slab’s artistry rather than metallic hinges that stick out.
The idea with a metallic hinge is much the same as what you see in a floating cabinet. Or, to give it a much grander scope, the suspended roof of a stone church. 
Making your house look as though it hangs together without any structural elements whatsoever is an astonishing effect- one that concealed hinges can help accomplish. 
You’ve seen tables that appear to float above the floor and sinks that seem to levitate- so what can you do to give an element of mystery and serenity to your doors? 


Concealed Hinges- Beautiful and Useful

Besides preserving the aesthetic appeal of your door, unlike regular door hinges, invisible hinges leave a very minimal gap, if any, between the door and the jamb when opened. 
This is especially important for small children who have experienced the pain of seeing fingers jam between the door and the jamb. Another essential feature is that they cannot be tampered with since they are hidden, which adds to the door’s security.
Thus, we can see why invisible hinges are becoming more and more popular. Not only do they turn the aesthetic value of your living space up a notch, but they also protect the people living in it. Who said you had to choose between form and function?

Where to Install

Concealed door hinges are mainly used in higher-end or modern homes as the hardware is expensive and is, for the most part, installed on solid core doors. It’s an innovative solution that hits on some of the ever-growing problems in architecture and homeownership. Concealed hinges are a brilliant design for intelligent homes.

Quality and Durability

The higher quality invisible hinges are incredibly durable and do not squeak. Better built brands also allow room for the hinge to be adjusted to achieve perfect lines on both sides of the door. Therefore, they’re great for bedrooms and other core rooms, where peace and privacy are much-valued. 
Invisible hinges also lend style to more minimalistic areas. If you have a room of a different aesthetic from the rest of the house, feel free to throw invisible hinges in for just a little bit of above-and-over flair.

Concealed Door Hinges

Invisible hinges are a must-have if you appreciate polished design and seamless lines. Keep in mind, while ordering them, that they come in different sizes and fits, as different door thicknesses take a specific model.

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