Glow In The Dark Aggregate Concrete

Glow in the dark stones absorb and store natural and artificial energy. Once the light source is no longer accessible, the fully charged patented photoluminescent pigments will emit light for 12 hours or longer. This is what is called glow-in-the-dark aggregate!

How Does Glow-In-The-Dark Aggregate Glow? 

This aggregate- which gives you the benefit of seeing the ground in the dark- takes advantage of photoluminescent pigments, which glow when charged with enough light. Meaning they store sunlight during the brighter hours of the day and use that light at night when the sun goes down to glow.

How is Glow-In-The-Dark-Aggregate Applied?

These supernatural stones can be mixed with concrete and used in many indoor and outdoor projects. The process is straightforward. Once the concrete is poured, the aggregates are hand seeded onto the concrete and worked in using a hand trowel. A retarder is then used to slow down the curing process; once the concrete cures, the surface is washed to expose the aggregate.

Where Is It Best Suited For?

Glow in the dark aggregate can be used both indoors and outdoors where concrete is poured. For indoor usage, keep in mind, to emit light in the dark, the stones need some light source, whether natural or artificial, for 10-20 minutes a day. Bathroom concrete countertops, interior concrete floors, or interior fireplaces are a few areas that you can display this impressive glow in the dark stone. And it will keep you guided in dark conditions.
Although it works indoors if there is a good natural or artificial light source to fuel the cells with energy, it is most effective in outdoor spaces. Some of the areas that will benefit from the nature of glow in the dark aggregate are outdoor entertainment areas such as glowing pool plaster interiors, patios and walkways, concrete countertops, outdoor fire pits, and seating benches, to name a few. Glow in the dark aggregate is also useful on driveways and steps leading to your home. Not only will the glow in the dark aggregate create a point of interest, it will work in illuminating the area and set a romantic tone.

Does it Work?

While some might say that glow-in-the-dark products are mostly gimmicks, they would be stunned to see just how effective this product can become. It’s not only created for the style- although seeing glowing particles on your bathroom floor can be quite stunning- it’s useful too. Homeowners and business owners who use this aggregate tout its values and love the utility and style it brings- and in such an innovative fashion.
Light transmitting stone is an imposing product, and the possibilities of utilizing this product both in commercial and residential projects are endless.

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