Board-formed Concrete

Board formed concrete is a conventional method of pouring concrete. It was used across the country before a wide variety of building materials came on the market. However, in recent years, board-formed concrete has seen a spike in its popularity again and may have you wondering why this building material is a sought-after material.

How Do You Form Boards out of Concrete?

Cement can is shaped into just about any form you would like while remaining sturdy and durable over decades. To form cement into boards, you pour concrete into a pre-cast mold and put the panels on the surface visible in your application. Remember, you must use form ties to secure the boards and keep them from falling off with the concrete’s weight. Once the concrete dries, the finished face will mirror the grain on the board. 
Board-forming is not only a construction practice; it’s a form of art. If you want a beautiful final product, you should consider the grain pattern you want for your application. Many grain patterns are stemming from trees all over the world, so your possibilities are endless!

Why is Board Formed Concrete so Popular?

Concrete is one of the most robust building materials for its price. It is a simple mixture of aggregate, sand, water, and varying levels of each within the mixture boasts different levels of strength. The versatility of concrete is virtually endless, and it is why this building material has been used as far back as the Roman Era.
Also, board-formed concrete is becoming more and more popular because installers can pour it into many shapes, colors, and finishes, and every pour will produce an original board. You can use any origin of wood for a grain pattern on the cement board as well.

Should I Use Board-Formed Concrete in My Next Project?

The advantages over concrete for building projects are many. It can withstand thousands of pounds of force per unit area and remain intact for generations. Concrete is also known to take a beating from Mother Nature without showing any ill after-effects, making it an ideal material for walls and foundations. However, if you find concrete’s lack of life uninspiring, you can make it more appealing by forming it into boards. Grain patterns in concrete will provide a much more desirable finish while retaining the concrete’s durability.


Cement has been used for thousands of years to construct some of the most well-known architectural structures still standing today. It requires very little upkeep, and it is pretty straightforward to mix and use. It is also one of the most robust and cost-effective building materials to use.
Forming cement into boards allows for more creative input than just a regular cement pour. Civilizations have always marveled over the exotic grains in wood, and now that same grain can be applied to one of the most robust building materials on the market. When it comes to Board-Formed Concrete, possibilities are endless.

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