Floor Electrical Outlets for Comfortable Electronics Usage

If you like to use your electronics while watching television, you will appreciate the convenience of having a floor plug nearby. Floor electrical outlets are a great way to keep your living room looking chic and efficient without having cords running from walls to your electronics. With floor outlets, you can keep your electronics plugged in while you are away without worrying about someone tripping over the wire. 

Hubbell Wiring Device

The Hubbell Wiring Device, with its traditional, rectangular shape and shiny brass exterior, will fit right in with lighter-colored hardwoods. It’s a beautiful addition to any living room that will provide you with lots of utility without standing out. 

Keep in mind- you probably have more open floor space than lower-wall space. Having an outlet on the floor provides easy access to electricity without having to jam a cord down the crack between the couch and the wall. 

RACO Floor Box Cover

The RACO Floor Box Cover is yet another beautiful brass addition to a rustic-looking living room. With two outlet receptacles and a stylish round shape, you won’t regret getting a RACO floor box cover for all your relaxation needs.

They look great on hardwood floors- like big brass bolts driven into the sides of a ship. They provide a little touch of style and finesse that you wouldn’t expect to get out of something as simple as an outlet cover. 

They are, however, a little challenging to install. While getting a rectangular outlet cover into the floors can be as easy as cutting a section off a hardwood piece, circular versions are much more difficult. 

Leviton Pop-Up Floor Box

You know the pain of twisting your cord to get it to your electronic device. You sit and wonder- is my cable supposed to be at a right angle? Will that eventually hurt it? 

With Leviton Pop-Up Floor Boxes in your living room, you won’t have to worry anymore. Leviton’s pop up almost ninety degrees, so you don’t have to twist your delicate cables.

Enerlites Round Pop-Up Floor Boxes

Here’s another floor electrical outlet that’ll drive away your twisted-cord worries. If you prefer a round floor outlet for that rustic look, this outlet is the one for you. 

Enerlites Roud Pop-Up Boxes are great for hardwood flooring- blending right in with the rustic appeal of an old-fashioned living room. If you don’t want guests seeing them, go ahead and place them under a couch. The pop-up sockets are optimal for such placement. 

All in All

Everything considered, you’ll love floor electrical outlets for their convenience. If you can’t find wall space or love the look of an upward-facing outlet, floor electrical outlets are an excellent option.

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