Different Shades of White-How to Pick the Perfect Shade?

Different shades of white- how to pick the right white? Why are there so many shades? How can they be used to complement other colors or in the same room? Which shade of white to use on the ceilings, walls, and trims? Everyone has taken a trip to the paint store at some point or another. When looking at all the white swatches, you realize how many different types of whites there are. How do you even differentiate between all the different shades? Given the space, lighting, personal preference, and overall furnishings in the room, there are many factors to consider when searching for the perfect white shade.

Different shades of white-how to pick the perfect shade?

How to pick the right white:

  • The types of white colors are categorized into five groups based on their undertones. Let’s discuss in further detail what makes each so unique.
    The first type of white is what are the bright whites. The most common undertone in this type is usually yellow and blue. However, They are not noticeable since this type has a high Light Reflectance Value (LRV). Bright whites are a fan favorite for ceilings and bathrooms.
  • The second type of white falls under the soft white paint colors. This type of white is more subtle, and its LRV ranges in the 80s. It is most commonly used in kitchens but can work anywhere.
  • The third type of white is that of the warm whites. Warm whites have various undertones, which can include yellow, red, or orange. Even within this type of color, you could break them down into two other types: bright warm, or soft white. Their L RVs range from the low 80s to the high 90s. The undertones would give these types of whites their color. These shades of white look best in darker areas of the home.
  • The fourth type of white is called the cool whites. Cool whites have a blue undertone that absorbs a lot of the warm tones from the light coming in. You can also break cool whites into cool bright whites and soft cool whites. Many people like to use cool whites in conjunction with white windows and bright spaces.
  • The final type of white is the true white paint color. This happens to be the most popular of the group and usually has the highest LRVs. This color is in such high demand due to the fact of its versatility. It works well with white appliances, white windows, and many quartz and marble countertops.
Different shades of white-how to pick the perfect shade?

What is the right white for me?

This is a tricky question as it depends on what you’re seeking to accomplish. We recommend going to a paint store with so many white varieties and getting samples from the various types of whites we discussed above. Paint a small portion of the wall with a small swatch. Let it dry, and then see which looks best in the space. At that point, you can make an informed decision to identify the right white for you.

Different shades of white-how to pick the perfect shade?

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