Comparing Tree Hedges That Create the Best Privacy

Whether you’re chasing a planting/gardening dream or you’re hoping to grant some privacy in your daily lives, you might be looking into hedges.

When it comes to your research, there are many ideas you might come across on the Internet. Seeing all that information can seem overwhelming, but hopefully, this article will help disseminate information.

When it comes to gardening and or privacy, it’s best first to know what you’re getting into with this planting. Read on to learn some pros and cons regarding tree hedges.

Pros and Cons Of Hedges

If you’re looking into cost-efficient ways of fencing off your home, hedges are a great choice. They cost less than traditional fences, outlast traditional materials, and look more aesthetically pleasing. Hedges can help reduce noise pollution near your house, and they can also provide visual protection from nosy neighbors and the like.

Hedges need care, and they’re not suitable for all buildings. Make sure to look into where you’re living and see if there are any ordinances or rules that will prevent you from planting your hedges.

Some hedges can be poisonous. One widely used hedge that falls in this category is the Laurel hedges. Except for Bay Laurel, all Laurel Hedges are toxic to humans and animals if ingested. Depending on their flowering properties, you might need to rip out the hedges soon after planting them – for your safety. Unlike most flowers, you can’t just choose the pretty, exotic ones. They won’t grow well enough in native soil.

Now that you know choosing any hedge is not ideal, read on to learn about some hedge options that might work for your needs.

Types of Hedges

#134 Comparing Tree HedgesCarolina Cherries

  • These make for fantastic privacy hedges. They bloom into dense, evergreen foliage and their leaves are semi-glossy.
  • They grow up to 25 feet tall and can be anywhere from 15 to 20 wide. Tall enough to be used either as hedges or small trees. Keep in mind Carolina cherry laurels contain hydrogen cyanide. If ingested, this poison will deplete the nervous system of oxygen and lead to death.
  • They do their best work in moist soil, but they can survive in dryer conditions.

PodocarpusComparing Tree Hedges

  • The Podocarpus is a coniferous shrub – as such, it blooms into lush, bushy low-maintenance hedges. They have also been called several names: fern pine, yew plum pine, Buddhist pine, and Japanese yew.

Ficus Nitida

  • This shrub shares several genetic markers with fig trees and is frequently chosen as a privacy hedge in Southern California.
  • They grow into 25 to 30-foot trees, and they can be between 35 to 40 feet wide.
  • Because they are so large, they provide a lot of shade and privacy. However, their roots are very invasive and powerful enough to break through concrete because of their size.

With this knowledge, you can hire a professional landscaping company to carefully plan the plant’s location and install them in such a way that it’ll prevent or minimize the damage caused by these plants.

Texas Privet#134 Comparing Tree Hedges

  • The Texas privet grows large and densely. They are pretty low maintenance, mainly because they grow slower than most other hedges on this list.
  • They can grow between six to nine feet tall, but you can trim them back to a more desired height.
  • Texas privet plants are great for shaping into different forms. Additionally, they don’t have many roots or insect issues, and they tend to remain free of disease.


  • The eugenia plant is a non-invasive broadleaf evergreen. It is considered one of the best and most popular privacy hedges, especially in Southern California.
  • This shrub typically grows anywhere between 12 to 20 feet tall and then eight to 15 feet wide.
  • Eugenia is also very fast growing. However, it will need constant care, and it will need to be shaped with hedging tools.

Whatever hedge you choose, make sure you’re aware of the pros and cons of each shrub.

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