Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Style AND Your Lifestyle

Flooring is always a big topic of debate in home construction and renovations. There are so many different options, variables, and personal preferences that come into play that it can quickly get overwhelming if you’re not adequately prepared. In this article, we’ll cover everything that you need to know about how to choose the best flooring material to fit your décor, work for your home, and deliver the right features for your lifestyle. 

Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Style AND Your LifestyleNew Flooring Maintenance

Typically, hardwood floors are the most difficult to maintain. Wood floors require constant cleaning, regular polishing and are susceptible to more damage than other floor surfaces. The tradeoff, however, is that hardwood floors look beautiful and provide a stylish finish in any space. 
Ceramic tile requires a little less maintenance since it is such an extremely durable surface. However, it can still chip and crack and may need polishing or sealing regularly. Most tile also requires grout, which has its concerns for care and maintenance. The same is valid for natural stone tile.
Luxury laminate offers the lowest-maintenance option of floor choices, giving you a durable floor that’s easy to clean and not difficult to keep in good condition. With regular mopping, these floors can last for years, and today, they’re available in so many different styles that no one has to know that they’re laminate. You can get the look of wood floors with a nice laminate flooring product. 
Luxury vinyl tile is another option many homeowners are choosing. Vinyl tile is great for pets and kids. It is resilient flooring, and that is stain resistant and often water-resistant. No matter your style, luxury vinyl is always an option.  
Carpet is a traditional flooring option that shouldn’t be overlooked. While many people are looking at hardwood floors or laminate, carpet is still a versatile choice. 

Pros and Cons:
Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Style AND Your LifestyleHardwood Flooring

Wood is soft on the feet, and it adds warmth to any space. You’ll find plenty of options for wood flooring, including genuine hardwood and wood composites. The fantastic look, of course, comes at a cost because these floors do wear easily and damage when things are dropped or spilled. They could discolor, usually requiring unique cleaning products and processes, which can be labor-intensive. High traffic areas may need to be covered to prevent damage, or you may need to redo the stain to restore the look. Sharp claws and pet accidents are hard on hardwood floors as well.

Ceramic Tile or Stone Tile

Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Style AND Your LifestyleThe benefits of tile are many, including that it’s often a durable option if you choose the suitable stone. Of course, that’s the most significant caveat—you have to choose a durable tile if you need something sturdier. Tile does need extra maintenance and will require things like grout and re-sealing in many cases. It looks great and offers a luxurious finish, but it also takes more care and typically costs a lot more than laminate. Tile is available in many different sizes, colors, and patterns. Tile can be ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone. The room you choose to have the tile flooring in will play a factor in the type you choose to install.

Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Style AND Your LifestyleLuxury Laminate

The benefits of laminate are many. It is a durable material that’s versatile, available in tons of designs and styles, and it is one of the cheapest options available for flooring. Even if you choose luxury laminate, you’ll still find great deals. Plus, it comes in many faux styles, such as faux wood, faux tile, and more. You can create any look in your home that you want without breaking the bank and not have to worry about maintenance, either. It offers great durability and is an excellent choice for homeowners with young children. Pet owners will also enjoy the benefits of laminate.

Luxury Vinyl TileChoosing the Right Flooring for Your Style AND Your Lifestyle

Luxury vinyl tile is a type of flooring similar to laminate but even a little more affordable. If you have high traffic areas but still want a beautiful, durable floor, vinyl tile flooring is suitable. It is a great flooring choice in laundry rooms, bathrooms, and even kitchens.

CarpetChoosing the Right Flooring for Your Style AND Your Lifestyle

Sometimes you need something soft under your bare feet. Carpet is the best flooring choice for a soft surface. Low pile carpeting is excellent in sun rooms and home offices. The flooring options are immense for carpet as it is available in tons of colors and patterns. The downside would be that stains can cause permanent damage if not dealt with quickly. Moisture can also cause issues, so you won’t want to install it in bathrooms, kitchens, or laundry rooms. It can be labor-intensive to clean as it ages, but it is a durable and traditional choice.

So, what’s the bottom line? Well, ultimately, the decision is yours to make on your home’s flooring. Are you going to invest in some solid hardwood flooring for a warm, welcoming space, or will you stick to a luxury laminate that offers a similar stylish look at a fraction of the cost? The choice is yours. Now that you have more insight into your options, it should be a much easier decision to make based on your lifestyle.

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