Earthy Palettes and Textures

The popularity of earthy palettes and textures increased in recent years. Instead of decorating with bright colors or shades of grey, more people opt for beige and camel coloring in their furniture, walls, and floors. This versatile palette provides many design options without incorporating a lot of colors.
Even with the more muted color palette, you can find pops of color to add to any space. Using more earthy tones and textures helps people find comfort in their space, especially beneficial with more people staying at home.

Grown in Popularity

Most styling options come and go with different trends. Designing with earthy palettes and textures held its popularity for several decades now and showed no stopping signs. Earthy tones prove to be very easy to work with when decorating.
Most people find muted, earthy tones easy to incorporate without worrying about maintaining a particular style past its expiration date. Earthy colors go with other hues and tones without a lot of clashing and offer many different shades.


Neutralized Hues Can Still Pop

Even when you’re designing with an earthy palette and textures, you can find ways to incorporate colors that pop while still staying with the aesthetic. Burnt orange and olive colors add pop to any space while still staying on theme.
Using earthy tones and textures makes it easier to use bright colors as statements. No matter what colors you like to play with or want to add to your home, incorporate them without fear of clashing with the earth tone palette too much. Help your pop colors stand out more with an earthy palette as your color base.


Bring Comfort to Home

More people use earthy palettes and textures to decorate because it makes people feel comfortable. With more people spending more time at home, they discover their need for comfort.
Earthy palettes and textures make people feel calm, something everyone needs when entering their home. If your space looks busy with many colors and textures working against each other, using earthy tones and colors will bring a sense of peace and calm to the space. When your home looks peaceful, it’s easier to feel at ease.


Earthy palettes and textures experienced a growth in popularity in recent years. The increased use of these colors comes from incorporating earthy palettes and textures easily into most homes, regardless of style. Earthy colors add a pop of color to any space. Earthy palettes and textures make a home feel comfortable and bring a calming ambiance to the room.
If you’re looking to redecorate your space, using earth tone palettes and textures will allow you to create a home with a classic and calming presence. This versatile color palette makes your home look and feel cozy.

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