Metal Tile Edge Trim

For decades, bullnose tile framed the perimeter of a tile design and finished corners. You see this design in older or more traditional style homes. Mitering the tile edge and filling the joints with grout is another way of completing the corners. However, mitering the tile edge requires great skill to achieve a seamless look, and these edges are prone to get chipped and damaged easily over time. For a newer method and a more contemporary feel, you can use metal edge trims. Metal edge tile trims are not only versatile and protective of the edge, but they also protect you from the sharp tile edge. When considering the remodeling of a bathroom, explore this great option. 

The Look of Metal Edge Tile Trim

If you’re remodeling your bathroom with a more contemporary feel in mind, metal edge trims are a great choice to explore. These metal trims come in an array of finishes and colors, square or round, and even very slim elegant reveal that are hardly visible. They are also available in anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and many other colors to go with whatever color tile you are installing. Stainless steel is particularly resistant to wear. These elegant and discreet trims are perfect for a minimalist design finish.
The metal edge trim provides a decorative element, but it also protects the exposed tile edges. The edges keep tiles from chipping while still bringing delicacy and style to your bathroom. The hint of slim metal running along the side of the wall brings both delicacy and boldness to a minimalist design. Using tile edge trim in place of traditional bullnose pieces is a stylish way of finishing a tile remodeling project.

Installing Metal Edge Tile Trim

It is essential to use a tile professional that has ample experience installing the metal edge trim. Several details go into installing tiles with a metal edge trim that impacts both the look and the tile functionality. For example, you must use the correct trim thickness correlating with the tile used; otherwise, it will not sit flush with the tile. Checking if each tile is level as they are installed will ensure they are appropriately embedded in the mortar and help achieve a clean install. A professional tile installer has the right skills to get the metal trim just right. They can cut the metal trim to the correct height using the appropriate blades. Without access to these skills and tools, your tiles will lack the beautiful finish you need and will not be adequately protected. 


Metal edge tile trims look stylish and protect your tiles from wear and tear. This modern and minimalist look brings an update to any bathroom while offering a contemporary appeal. The various options that these tiles provide means that you can select the style you want with the same protection. A professional tile installer will assist you, so your high-quality metal edge tile trim looks excellent. All these details are crucial in achieving the best end result.

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