Get Your Backyard Ready for Summer

Summer is here, so let’s enjoy it! Birds are singing, bees are buzzing, and your lawn is starting to look like it needs a trim.

These are all signs that it’s time to begin your annual summer maintenance, getting your home ready for late-night outdoor lounging and social BBQs. While the chores may seem daunting, this article will help you get started on revitalizing your outdoor space so that you can enjoy these long, sunny days.

Get Your Backyard Ready for SummerGive Your Lawn Some Love

You may notice the weeds have started to come in, so grab your gardening gloves and get to work! Start by pulling up those pesky plants and spraying a targeted herbicide to stop them from returning. Just be mindful of spraying on your grass, as it can negatively affect its growth.

If you have a lawn, the grass should be kept between 2″ and 3.75″ tall. Higher cut grass promotes root growth and is more stress-tolerant, ideal for the extended summer heat. Also, keep your lawnmower blades sharp; otherwise, they will tear and shred your grass instead of providing a clean cut.

We all know that pests love the summer just as much as we do, so minimize their attendance at your next bbq by treating your lawn. June Bugs and Japanese beetles chew on grass and will cause wilting and bare patches if left undisturbed. You can fend off these hungry critters by spraying your lawn with a preventative grub control product.

Power Wash Your Hardscape

Your patio, outdoor furniture, and sidewalk could probably use a good scrub. Covered in cobwebs, winter salt, and general muck, these areas will look brand new after a thorough power wash.

Blast all the dirt and debris from your driveway, walkway, sidewalk, patio, and even siding if you’re feeling adventurous. After spraying your outdoor furniture, leave it in the sun to dry. You can also power wash your grill; just make sure to take out the pieces and let them dry in the sun.

If you don’t have a power washer, one can be rented from Home Depot or a local hardware store. This step will give your home an affordable facelift and have you feeling fresh and clean whenever you are lounging around.

Set Up Your Patio FurnitureGet Your Backyard Ready for Summer

Arrange your patio furniture in a way conducive to relaxation and socializing. Choose fabrics and materials that are resilient to sun bleaching and are easy to clean. Waterproof cushions and metal framing makes power washing and quick wipe-downs a breeze.

Design-wise, color is crucial and will help bring some beach vibes to your backyard. Choosing colorful outdoor furniture will help take attention off any less-than-stellar grass patches, and you can also put an outdoor rug down to create a more designated seating area. This is also a great option if you have babies and toddlers who can’t walk yet.

Get Your Backyard Ready for SummerGet Your Pool Swim Ready

Get your pool ready for water aerobics by following these steps.

Keep your pool cover on and scrub down the baskets and filter cartridge. Remove any plugs that were installed when you closed the pool for the winter, and if the water level has fallen, grab your hose and top it off. Once your filter is installed and ready, turn it to the standard-setting and let it run.

It is recommended to have your water professionally tested at the beginning of swim season so that you know exactly what needs to be adjusted and how much. Then it’s time to don your lab coat, balance your PH levels, and add chemicals to the water. After this step, the filter will need to be cleaned daily until the water is clear. This process can take up to a week before you should remove the pool cover.

Clear the water by vacuuming all the leaves and debris from the bottom of your pool and covering it.

Fire PitGet Your Backyard Ready for Summer

An outdoor fire pit is the social hub of any summer gathering. Made from brick, stone, and metal, there are many designs, shapes, and sizes to choose from. You can build your own or purchase one from the store, whichever fits your yard and aesthetic best.

The most common fire pit burns wood and is the cheapest and easiest option to find. However, gas and propane fire pits are also easier to get going and allow you complete control over the flames. They often look cleaner and more stylish than wood-burning fire pits, but they take a little more effort to get set up.

Whichever fire pit you go with, make sure to allow enough clearance around the sides that it’s safe. Your seating should be fire-resistant, and it’s always a good idea to have a fire extinguisher nearby.


Outdoor lights can significantly elevate the aesthetic of an outdoor area with minimal cost and installation. For example, you can hang string lights across your yard, creating an overhang of illumination that will provide a romantic and charming nighttime vibe.

Tiki torches and solar lights can be used to line a walkway, and stylish lanterns placed around your outdoor furniture will highlight the seating area.

There are many styles to choose from, and with LED and solar lights rising in popularity, they are one of the most affordable ways to upgrade your outdoor space.


Mosquitos are the bane of any good outdoor party, and it’s all too common to spend more time slapping at the air than enjoying yourself.

Mosquito season starts in March and goes until September, though warmer regions have extended periods. Because mosquitos lay their eggs in standing water, removing any pools of water from your house is essential so that there are no breeding grounds.

Maintaining your pool and yard is another important step to minimizing their presence. Keeping your lawn mowed and removing leaf piles will do wonders for reducing their population. It’s also good to have bug spray for social gatherings near your patio furniture.

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