Best Patio Styles for You

Patios function as a focal point for socializing and relaxation and can be the centerpiece for professionally designed landscapes. From beautifully arranged seating areas to outdoor kitchens, a patio adds value and style to your home. Building a patio is an exercise in creative thinking, and there are many ways to incorporate this entertaining hub into your outdoor space.

Not only do patios offer more flexibility in using your property, but they can also add 8-10% to your home value and an ROI of over 80%. This makes them one of the best ways to get your money’s worth when improving the value of your home. Take a look at the options below to learn what kind of patio would work best for your situation.

Best Patio Styles for youAttached Patios

Attached patios are an extension of your home and are used for relaxation, dining, and entertaining. Often located off the living room or kitchen, these can open up interior space and turn it into a multifunctional room. This is an excellent choice if you have a small kitchen because you can open the door and now have an attached dining area.

Attached patios can be enclosed or left open, using patio covers, screens, and awnings. There are many styles and varieties of patio covers, and when used, they create a definitive “extra room” in your home. Covering an attached patio gives you privacy while protecting yourself and your furniture from the weather.

Best Patio Styles for youDetached Patios

Detached patios are set away from the house and offer a unique multipurpose space. They can be left open or enclosed with patio covers for added privacy and comfort.

Building Materials for Patios

The standard building materials for patios are concrete, brick, flagstone, pavers, tile, cut stone, and loose material. Each has pros and cons, ranging from cost and ease of installation to overall design.


Concrete is the most versatile and durable material for building a patio. It can conform to any shape, allowing complete control over your patio design, and is easy to maintain. It also comes in various finishes, from smooth, stamped, and brushed to dyed, painted, and surfaced with other materials.


Brick has a classic appeal that offers a sturdy and timeless aesthetic. You can organize the bricks to create different patterns, such as herringbone and jack-on-jack, and have a few colors and shades to choose from.


Flagstone is made up of large, flat slabs of irregularly shaped stone. It provides good traction when wet, making it a good material for poolside patios. Flagstone incorporates sandstone, limestone, bluestone, and quartzite, usually determined by local availability.


Pavers are made of concrete and designed to look like brick, cobblestone, or irregularly shaped stones. The most popular paver style is interlocking, which allows them to fit together neatly without grout or mortar.


Tile comes in porcelain, terracotta, and quarry, each with a distinct personality. Porcelain tile is stain-resistant and durable. Terracotta has a rustic southwestern appeal and is best suited for dry climates because it is porous. Quarry tiles are textured and give more traction.

Tile is usually sealed to protect it from stains, wear and tear, and moisture.

Cut Stone

Made from a variety of beautiful stones cut into geometric shapes, cut stone is favored among those creating a modern aesthetic. Granite, marble, travertine, limestone, blue stone, slate, and sandstone are all used to design awe-inspiring patterns.

Loose and Mixed Material

Using loose and mixed materials is an affordable way to lay a beautiful foundation for your patio. Very easy to work with, the common loose materials used are pea gravel, bark mulch, and rubber mulch. This style is usually combined with other materials, such as larger stones, wood, tile, and brick, to create a more dynamic effect.

Best Patio Styles for youHeating Your Patio

Whether you love roasting marshmallows over a fire or live in a wintery-wonderland location, adding warmth and comfort to your patio will extend its year-round potential. From simple solutions to expensive statement pieces, you have multiple options to consider.

While an outdoor rug won’t provide warmth, it does add comfort to your space and will create a cozy feeling of relaxation. In addition, these are easy to roll up, allowing you to change the vibe of your patio with ease.
Fire pits are the most popular addition to patios and create a focal point for any social activity. Wood fire pits are easy to move and can be stored when not used, while gas firepits create an easily controlled flame.
Heat lamps are the ideal way to warm up an outdoor space. They are tall, thin, and often use propane, which is easy to have refilled. Commonly used at restaurants, most models will heat a 25-square foot space, efficiently covering most patio spaces. They are also easy to store when not needed.

CookingBest Patio Styles for you

With an outdoor kitchen, you can prepare meals for your friends, host parties, and no longer have to run in and out of the house. Whether you go with a simple grill on patio pavers or build an elaborate kitchen with gas burners and a pizza oven, this outdoor eating area will become a social gathering spot.

Best Patio Styles for youFurniture

The outdoor furniture market is projected to hit $50 billion in 2022, which gives you plenty of creative control over how you design your patio. Excellent patio furniture adds style and comfort to your outdoor space and can massively transform how your backyard looks. Made from various easy-care fabrics, most furniture is easy to spray down with the hose and let dry in the sun.

You can incorporate creative storage solutions, like a bench with a lift up top, to store pillows, blankets, and other outdoor accessories. Laying an outdoor rug under your patio furniture helps define the seating space and contributes color and style.

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