Skylights: The Trendy Roof Windows

At one point, all of us have walked into a home or a building where we notice natural light coming in from a place that you wouldn’t expect. Today’s skylights are a far cry from their old predecessors. The new and improved skylights come with integrated rain sensors, control panels and are solar-powered. Skylights are a perfect solution to tight dark spaces without windows as they bring natural light and fresh air to the areas they occupy. This article will discuss different types of skylights and the advantages of installing them in your home.

skylights the trendy roof windows

Types of skylights:

When thinking about skylights, it’s essential to know all the options available in the market.

  • Fixed skylights are the first and the most common and economical version on the market. Their biggest advantage is that they visually expand narrow hallways and closed-in stairwells. These skylights are placed on the ceiling to bring natural light to a space. Fixed skylights are also considered decorative and do not offer any ventilation.
  • A more expensive type of skylight is the vented skylight. As the name describes, these skylights open and provide ventilation. Just like fixed skylights, you can install vented skylights anywhere in the house to improve lighting with the added benefit of ventilation. Frequent airing of the house is essential to getting rid of the stale air inside the home.
  • The third type of skylight discussed in this article is a tubular skylight, also known as a sun tunnel. The updated version of tubular skylights is a slim profile flat glass that offers a sleek modern look without compromising style. The exterior is a low-profile facade that blends with the roof.
Skylights the trendy roof windwos

Benefits of each type of skylight:

Each skylight offers certain advantages and some disadvantages. Let’s take a look at a few things to account for.

  • The advantage of having a fixed skylight is that it is integrated with the roof and said it’s usually already part of the roof, and it requires no maintenance.
  • The advantage of having a ventilation skylight is that it allows fresh air and light to come in.
    The advantage of having a tubular skylight is that it does not require the amount of room on the roof as the ventilation and fixed skylights. It is perfect for lightening up small spaces while remaining low-profile.
Skylights- The trendy roof windows
Skylights-The trendy roof windows

Advantages of having skylights:

Homeowners install skylights for various reasons. Aside from letting in ample light from above and ventilating the space below, they become a design element that improves your house’s decor.

Disadvantages of having skylights:

There are a few disadvantages when considering adding skylights. The installation cost is one, as the proper framing must be in place to install the skylight. If not installed correctly and by a professional, the skylight might leak and damage your home.


If the cost of purchasing and installing skylights fits within your budget, they are a great addition to a house. Whether there is a lack of natural light or ventilation is an issue, skylights will be a great solution to these problems. Aesthetically speaking, the newly designed skylights are beautiful. The technology incorporated into the design makes these roof windows convenient and impressive.

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