Benefits of a Whole House Fans

Thinking of installing a whole house fan? It’s not a bad idea, as it has a number of benefits which include your health and financial well being. To begin with, whole-house fans help cool down your house and work to ventilate your attic space. You can also get rid of any odors in your home quickly and efficiently. Since they aren’t too expensive to buy or install, you will not have any regrets about installing a whole house fan in your home. You will not regret your investment and will reap its benefits in the form of reduced electric bills in the summertime.

Cools the Whole House

A whole house fan will cool your house while reducing your electric bill since your air conditioning will not need to run as much. You might find that the whole house fan is the only thing you need to cool down your house on many days, especially at nighttime. You might only need to run your air conditioning on the hottest summer days. Consider using your fan as the primary method of cooling your home and save the air conditioning for when it’s most needed. A whole house fan is a long term investment that will save you money in the years to come.

Good Attic Ventilation

Getting the heat out of your attic can go a long way towards cooling your home. With this type of fan, you are going to be able to ventilate your attic efficiently. Don’t underestimate how vital venting your attic can be.
Without adequate ventilation, moisture can accumulate in the attic, which could cause all sorts of problems in your home. You want to get heat and moisture out of your house if possible, and a whole house fan will accomplish that.

Eliminates Odors

If you burned dinner, you could quickly get rid of the scorching smell before you even order a pizza. There is no better way to get rid of bad smells from your house than with a whole house fan that can powerfully suck any unwanted odors out of your home in a short period of time.
Don’t forget to make sure some windows are open in your home when you run the whole house fan. The air needs to come from somewhere in order to be released through the vents in the attic. Without an open window or two, your fan will not work correctly and could cause problems in your home.

A Healthier Home

Bacteria is not visible to the naked eye, and dust and dander are specks at best. That said, there are many contaminants in the air that a whole house fan will remove. From pet dander to pollen, anybody in your home with allergies will appreciate the cleaner air they breathe in after using a whole house fan.
If you get in the habit of running your fan regularly you, and your family will be exposed to much less stale air. If you suffer from any allergies to mold, dust, pollen, etc., you will undoubtedly benefit from routinely running a whole house fan.

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