Fog Coating versus Painting your Stucco Exterior

What is Fog Coating?

Fog Coat is a mixture of white Portland cement, lime, and a pigmented color. Fog coating is the process of spraying the color pigmented bonding cement over an existing stucco. Fog coat can only be applied over a stucco substrate that has never been painted as it will not bind to previously painted stucco. Fog coating will rejuvenate your old stucco and bring it back to its original color. This is the best way of preserving the integrity of the substrate while providing a new, updated appearance. This is also a great way to hide repairs or chipped away portions of stucco.

Fog Coating Vs. Painting the Exterior?

Stucco is porous and absorbs moisture; however, If installed with proper drainage, it is an extremely durable and breathable material that can last over 50 years. However, with the earth’s natural movement and reacurring seasonal changes, stucco has the tendency to crack and fade in color with time. On the other hand, painting stucco closes its pores making it impervious and therefore susceptible to moisture trapping within the wall cavity, which results in unnatural cracks and paint chipping and falling off the wall.

When to Fog Coat Vs. Apply New Stucco?

The most effective way of enhancing the look of faded or stained stucco is by fog coating the walls with the same color stucco. Applying a fog coat will significantly enhance the appearance of your stucco. On the other hand, if the existing stucco is old with too many patches and cracks, then the best practice would be to first, repair all patches. Then, remove the old stucco by sandblasting it off, or by applying a fresh coat of polybond and mesh to smooth out the old stucco and control the cracks from coming through the new stucco. The final step would be to apply a new color coat layer. This will not only make the house look brand new but the new stucco will last much longer than a paint job.

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