Architectural Aluminum Windows

Common folklore states that eyes are the windows to the soul–and what features provide more descriptive insight into the “soul” of one’s home than windows themselves? Windows play a vital role in a home and serve many functional purposes. Some people describe windows as one of the most expressive features of a home. Today, a new generation of aluminum windows exists that overshadow their early twentieth-century rival. Their clean lines and narrow frames allow for large expansive glass showcasing the most picture-perfect ocean view or city lights atop a modern high rise.

Aluminum Windows Versus Other Options

Aluminum windows claim one significant advantage over wood or vinyl windows—durability.  Wood and vinyl windows, made from organically-based materials, fail to maintain their pristine condition after long-term exposure to inclement weather. Due to this material composition, vinyl and wood warp, mold, or break easily. Aluminum windows last decades longer than their rivals as the elements do not impact them in the same way.

Aluminum windows last decades longer than their rivals as the elements do not impact them in the same way.


Manufacturers deem higher-end aluminum windows as “thermally broken.” This technical term refers to a high-performance insulator material that separates the two metal halves which make the frame. This process ensures that the aluminum windows are more thermally efficient.

The insulator blocks both heat and cold within the frame, making these windows both energy efficient and condensation resistant. By trapping heat inside the home and keeping cold air out, these thermally broken windows decrease the heating bill and save a homeowner a good amount of money over time. If for no other reason, these windows provide a profitable investment regarding energy efficiency costs.

Benefits to Aluminum Windows

Aluminum, a lightweight metal, proves to be relatively easy to install for only a few hundred dollars. Aluminum windows come in a slew of colors, including anodized finishes. When a material is anodized, the thickness of its natural oxide layer on the metal surface increases. These types of finishes not only protect the metal against the ruins of the sun and rain but also guard the windows against scratching, peeling, or chalking.

For coastal areas, aluminum windows come with unique, powder-coated finishes. These finishes stand up to corrosive environments and slow down the harsh effects of the elements. These finishes ensure that a homeowner’s aluminum windows maintain a vibrant, polished appearance despite inclement weather and other external factors. Even though lousy weather remains unavoidable, you can avoid damage to your windows.

Breakthroughs in preventive paint guarantee that homeowners get their money’s worth compared to more organically-based options. Similarly, costs associated with energy efficiency are lowered significantly upon the installation of these windows.

Home renovators and designers alike appreciate these classic architectural windows. Many modernists view aluminum windows as their darlings. These windows offer an excellent option for individuals looking to maximize their view and overall comfort in style.

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