Solid Wood Slabs and Kitchen Tables

One of the all-time favorite materials for kitchen tables has been the exquisite natural solid wood. Solid wood tables are timeless pieces, each with its unique shades, profiles, and imperfections. From Old World Styles to Colonial, Rustic, Tuscan, and today’s ultra-modern Live Edge, solid wood tables can find a home in any setting.

What’s So Great About Wood Slabs?

Solid wood slabs can emerge from many spices; walnut, maple, cherry, and oak are, to name a few of the most popular ones. What makes these immortal pieces of art unique is that each piece is individually handcrafted to exude its characteristics.

#27 Solid Wood Slabs and Kitchen Tables 4
#27 Solid Wood Slabs and Kitchen Tables 4

The one-of-a-kind beauty of a solid wood slab is partly attributed to nature and partly to the individual who handcrafted the piece. With a solid wood slab, homeowners can see the dance between order and chaos that goes on in a sculpture’s mind. Worm-holes and cracks trace the surfaces, while varnish and sheen overlay it all. It’s the perfect balance of nature and humanity, and it’s a stunning addition to any living space. 
When a solid wood slab is added to a living space, it immediately rubs off some of its rustic energy. Wood slabs give off character- signaling to the people who see them that the person who lives here likes finer things and loves to stay close to nature. 
They may not be the most intricate pieces, but they just can’t be beaten in terms of their style, utility, and the message they send-off. 

Wooden Slabs- Customizable Pieces

Aside from their exceptional elegance, solid wood tables are incredibly durable and can withstand the test of time. Unlike veneers and metals that chip and fall apart, solid wood can always be refinished and restored to its original look.
This means that owners won’t have to worry about buying a new table once the sheen has faded off their favorite piece. A wooden slab is an investment that will stay with you long after you buy it. It’s not just a piece of wood- it’s a friend that will accompany you years after it’s purchased. 

Solid Wood Slabs and Kitchen Tables

Solid wood slabs can further be customized by adding legs made out of different materials. Metal legs are strong and sound, but they can be cumbersome. You can also paint them to any desired color. Aluminum legs are lighter in weight and can do the job just as well as metal legs with a fraction of the weight. Moving your table from room to room will be much more effortless with lightweight aluminum legs. However, aluminum costs more. 
You can also paint aluminum legs to tie in with your home design. You can go with solid concrete legs for a more bold and masculine look, which are extremely heavy but very sleek and modern. 
Leg styles can also be customized from a curved u-shape to a rectangular square, to a solid piece on each side, or crossed legs in the middle. Design possibilities are endless, given your vision and home style.

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