Dual-Sided Fireplace

Add warmth, charm, and ambiance to two spaces with just one fire. Also referred to as see-through fireplaces, these art walls offer an elegant viewing solution while providing heat to two separate areas.
They tend to be best suited for open-concept areas. Dual-sided fireplaces create separate spaces on either side of the wall. If you want to avoid overcrowding a room, first ensure the site can be divided in half.

Dual-sided Fireplace
Dual-Sided Fireplace

Why You Would Use One?

Aside from being a high focal point, they create a sense of privacy while adding warmth and coziness to each side of the wall. This allows you and all of your guests to reach the heat coming out of the fireplace comfortably. Additionally, fireplaces are known to create a social space and bring people together in a relaxed setting. As your guests huddle around the fire and relax, you will notice that it sets a friendly mood.
Overall, a dual-sided fireplace still functions as a source of warmth. If you are looking for a stylish way to heat a room, this could be an option for you.

Heating Options

Double-sided fireplaces come in gas, electric, and even wood-burning options. Since you can use so many different heat sources, you should find one that suits what you have available or easily convert to what you would like to have.

Design Options

Dual-sided fireplaces can be traditional or ultra-modern with a sleek, narrow design. Since they are easily accessible from both sides, the fire is protected by a cooling glass for safety.

See-through fireplaces

come in various sizes and shapes. The linear option raised off the floor is a favorite in many modern settings as the fire is lifted off the ground to a more personal level, creating a stunning visual effect. The wall holding the fireplace can be embellished with magnificent stonework or a free-floating wrap-around or one-sided mantel as an intimate seating.
Since fireplaces are not structural, you can add them anywhere in the home. Everything considered, placing a see-through fireplace in your home or patio is an on-trend investment that will bring warmth and style to any setting.

Average Cost

A double-sided gas fireplace can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $8,000, depending on the size and functionalities it offers. There is also the added cost of installation that one must take into consideration. Remember, you also need to add in the labor costs. Nonetheless, they are well worth the price for a variety of reasons. You get a quality heat source that looks stunning as the focal point of a room. They build a relaxing atmosphere for you and your guests as they crackle and offer a warm light. These fireplaces are known to distribute heat evenly. Thus, making them a significant investment for heating a home. No matter your reason for installing one in your house, you will feel satisfied with your purchase.

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